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Subject:[Issue 172604] New - JAXB binding generates a copy of the original file (
Date:Sep 19, 2009 8:46:14 am
List:org.netbeans.schema2beans.issues Issue #|172604 Summary|JAXB binding generates a copy of the original file product| Component|schema2beans Version|6.7 Platform|PC URL| OS/Version|Windows Vista Status|NEW Status whiteboard| Keywords| Resolution| Issue type|DEFECT Priority|P3 Subcomponent|code Assigned to|issues@schema2beans Reported by|janir

------- Additional comments from Sat Sep 19 15:46:35 +0000
2009 ------- I create a xsd schema file from which I want to generate the java classes with
the JAXB wizard. I create a schema directory to my project and put the file there. In the wizard I choose the file from the created schema directory. I click
finish and it creates the java files.

At the same time it copies the schema file from my schema directory to: NetBeansProjects67\MESQueryToolSrv\src\conf\xml-resources\jaxb\MESQueryToolSrv\

This results in that there are 2 schema files

Now when I go to the JAXB wizard node in the IDE and open the schema to edit the
file it seems that it does not edit the file in schema directory but the one that that it copied to the
"src\conf\xml-resources\jaxb\MESQueryToolSrv\" directory

This results in that the 2 files are out of sync. The edited one with the new
elements in src\conf\xml-resources\jaxb\MESQueryToolSrv\" directory and the old one
(=original) in the schema directory

It is a bit misleading that when I edit the file from the JAXB Binding node in
the IDE it does not edit the file in the schema directory eventhough when I open the dialog it says that the file used is
in the schema directory

Change it so when you edit the file though the JAXB wizard it edits the file in
the schema directory (=the original file) not the copy in src\conf\xml-resources\jaxb\MESQueryToolSrv\" directory

Or then change it so that it does not copy the schema file to the
src\conf\xml-resources\jaxb\MESQueryToolSrv\" directory at all