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Subject:Re: [Wikitech-l] flagged revisions
From:Brion Vibber (
Date:May 19, 2009 9:22:43 am

Quick update:

* Yes, we do plan to roll out an English Wikipedia test setup for Flagged Revs.

* There's not yet a fixed schedule for it, but I'd like to see it up and running in production before Wikimania. :) [August]

* Right now we're running round tidying up general things, getting the 1.15 release set up, and prepping to get our live sites updated to development trunk -- nice things are afoot like a total upgrade to the preferences backend which Werdna has done, yay!

* As we get back up to speed, we'll want to coordinate w/ Aaron to confirm that we've got a configuration planned and that it'll look good, and get that test config on and test.wikipedia for a while before we roll it to en.wikipedia.

I'd also like to see folks ponder a bit on the final terminology for things -- we'd also like to roll out the Drafts extension (for saving your in-progress edit page in the background so you can return to it if you accidentally close it or your browser crashes), but Flagged Revs also uses the 'draft' terminology sometimes. We want to make sure we're not going to be looking too confusing having both of those things in the system.

-- brion

El 5/12/09 5:20 PM, private musings escribió:

Hi all,

The 'flagged revisions' bug ( ) - has, by my reading been 'reopened' for 2 weeks now. Being as this is a reasonably big deal in the wiki scheme of things, I presume it's possible that matters are being discussed, or otherwise moved forward in some way, behind the scenes, but at this point, I thought it was probably worth making sure that this hasn't just been sort of forgotten.

I think the enabling of flagged revisions on the english wikipedia is a very important, positive step for the project, and hope it might be acted upon in reasonably good order as a high priority.

Apologies if such prodding is not a great fit on this list - don't mean to bug anyone (geddit?) ;-)


Peter, PM.

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 3:55 PM, private musings<>wrote:

Hi all,

It seems to me that there's been sterling work on the 'flagged revisions' front - with the bulk of the credit due to User:Cenarium over on en, and the various folk working away over there.

With that in mind, could I please encourage a dev.s attention to;

Hopefully we can enable the extension as soon as possible :-)


Peter, PM.