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FreeBSD bugmasterMay 26, 2008 11:07 am 
Subject:Current problem reports assigned to
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Date:May 26, 2008 11:07:57 am

Current FreeBSD problem reports Critical problems

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- f usb/84750 usb [hang] 6-BETA2 reboot/shutdown with root_fs on externa o usb/91629 usb usbd_abort_pipe() may result in infinite loop

2 problems total.

Serious problems

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- o i386/46371 usb USB controller cannot be initialized on IBM Netfinity o bin/57255 usb usbd(8) and multi-function devices o usb/63621 usb [umass] [panic] USB MemoryStick Reader stalls/crashes o usb/69006 usb [usbdevs] [patch] Apple Cinema Display hangs USB ports o usb/71155 usb [ulpt] misbehaving usb-printer hangs processes, causes o usb/73307 usb [panic] Kernel panics on USB disconnect o usb/74771 usb [umass] [hang] mounting write-protected umass device a o usb/75705 usb [umass] [panic] da0 attach / Optio S4 (with backtrace) o usb/75797 usb [sound] 5.3-STABLE(2005 1/4) detect USB headset, But c o usb/76395 usb [uhci] USB printer does not work, usbdevs says "addr 0 o usb/77184 usb [umass] [panic] kernel panic on USB device disconnect, o usb/77294 usb [ulpcom] [panic] ucom + ulpcom panic o usb/79269 usb [ohci] USB ohci da0 plug/unplug causes crashes and loc o usb/79287 usb [uhci] [hang] UHCI hang after interrupt transfer o usb/79524 usb [ulpt] printing to Minolta PagePro 1[23]xxW via USB fa a usb/79656 usb [ehci] RHSC interrupts lost o usb/79722 usb [ehci] wrong alignments in ehci.h o usb/80040 usb [hang] Use of sound mixer causes system freeze with ua o usb/80361 usb [umass] [patch] mounting of Dell usb-stick fails o usb/80829 usb [modules] [panic] possible panic when loading USB-modu o usb/80862 usb [patch] USB locking issues: missing some Giant calls o usb/82350 usb [ucom] [panic] null pointer dereference in USB stack o usb/82520 usb [udbp] [reboot] Reboot when USL101 connected s usb/82569 usb [umass] [panic] USB mass storage plug/unplug causes sy o usb/82660 usb [ehci] [panic] EHCI: I/O stuck in state 'physrd'/panic o usb/83504 usb [kernel] [patch] SpeedTouch USB stop working on recent o usb/83563 usb [umass] [panic] Page Fault while detaching Mpman Usb d o usb/83677 usb [usb] [request] usb controller often not detected (Sun o usb/83756 usb [ums] [patch] Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0A doe o usb/83977 usb [ucom] [panic] ucom1: open bulk out error (addr 2): IN o usb/84326 usb [umass] Panic trying to connect SCSI tape drive via US s usb/84336 usb [usb] [reboot] instant system reboot when unmounting a o usb/86767 usb [umass] [patch] bogus "slice starts beyond end of the o usb/88743 usb [hang] [regression] USB makes kernel hang at boot (reg p usb/88966 usb [modules] kldunload ucom.ko returns "Device busy" erro s usb/89003 usb [request] LaCie Firewire drive not properly supported o usb/89954 usb [umass] [panic] USB Disk driver race condition? o usb/90700 usb [umass] [panic] Kernel panic on connect/mount/use umas o usb/91238 usb [umass] USB tape unit fails to write a second tape fil o usb/91283 usb [boot] [regression] booting very slow with usb devices o usb/91538 usb [ulpt] [patch] Unable to print to EPSON CX3500 o usb/91906 usb [ehci] [hang] FreeBSD hangs while booting with USB leg o usb/92052 usb [unlpt] usbd causes defunct process with busy file-han o usb/92083 usb [ural] [panic] panic using WPA on ural NIC in 6.0-RELE o usb/92142 usb [uhub] SET_ADDR_FAILED and SHORT_XFER errors from usb o usb/92171 usb [panic] panic unplugging Vodafone Mobile Connect (UMTS o usb/93155 usb [ulpt] /dev/ulpt0: device busy, USB printer does not w o usb/93408 usb [mouse] hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest=C3 on AMD Turion causes o usb/93828 usb [ohci] [panic] ohci causes panic on boot (HP Pavillion o usb/94166 usb [umass] [boot] btx halted with a flashcard plugged o usb/94384 usb [panic] kernel panic with usb2 hardware o usb/94717 usb [ulpt] Reading from /dev/ulpt can break work of a UHCI o usb/94897 usb [panic] Kernel Panic when cleanly unmounting USB disk s usb/95348 usb [keyboard] USB keyboard unplug causes noise on screen o usb/95562 usb [umass] Write Stress in USB Mass drive causes "vinvalb s usb/95636 usb [umass] [boot] 5 minute delay at boot when using VT620 s usb/96120 usb [ums] [request] USB mouse not always detected o usb/96224 usb [usb] [msdosfs] mount_msdosfs cause page fault in sync o usb/96457 usb [umass] [panic] fatback on umass = reboot s usb/97286 usb [mouse] [request] MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2. o usb/99431 usb [keyboard] FreeBSD on MSI 6566E (Intel 845E motherboar o usb/101096 usb [ural] [panic] USB WLAN occasionally causes kernel-pan o usb/101448 usb [ohci] FBSD 6.1-STABLE/AMD64 crashes under heavy USB/O o usb/101752 usb [umass] [panic] 6.1-RELEASE kernel panic on usb device o usb/102066 usb [ukbd] usb keyboard and multimedia keys don't work f usb/102096 usb [patch] usbd(8) does not handle multiple devices in on o usb/103025 usb [uhub] [panic] wrong detection of USB device for FreeB o usb/104292 usb [umass] [hang] system lockup on forced umount of usb-s o usb/104830 usb [umass] system crashes when copying data to umass devi o usb/105186 usb [ehci] [panic] USB 2.0/ehci on FreeBSD 6.2-PRE/AMD64 c o usb/106615 usb [uftdi] uftdi module does not automatically load with o usb/106648 usb [umass] [hang] USB Floppy on D1950 10 min Hang on Inse s usb/106832 usb USB HP printer is not detected by kernel when ACPI ena o usb/107248 usb [umass] [patch] scsi_da.c quirk for Cowon iAUDIO X5 MP o usb/107446 usb [umass] umass problems (usb and fw disks) o usb/107827 usb [ohci] [panic] ohci_add_done addr not found o usb/107848 usb [umass] [request] cannot access Samsung flash disk o usb/107924 usb [patch] usbd(8) does not call detach o usb/108513 usb [umass] Creative MuVo TX FM fails in 6.2-RELEASE [regr o usb/109274 usb [usb] MCP55 USB Controller fails to attach in AMD64 Cu o usb/109397 usb [panic] on boot from USB flash o usb/110856 usb [ugen] [patch] interrupt in msgs are truncated when bu o usb/110988 usb [umass] [patch] Handling of quirk IGNORE_RESIDUE is um o usb/111753 usb [uhid] [panic] Replicable system panic involving UHID s usb/112568 usb [umass] [request] USB mode may wrong when mounting Pla o usb/112631 usb [panic] Problem with SONY DSC-S80 camera on umount o usb/112640 usb [usb] [hang] Kernel freezes when writing a file to an o usb/113478 usb [boot] [request] FreeBSD could not start on Core2Duo n s usb/113629 usb [ukbd] Dropped USB keyboard events on Dell Latitude D6 o usb/113672 usb [ehci] [panic] Kernel panic with AEWIN CB6971 o usb/113851 usb [boot] Unable to boot install cd from USB-CDROM s usb/113977 usb [request] Need a way to set mode of USB disk's write c o usb/114310 usb [libusb] [patch] [panic] USB hub attachment panics ker o usb/114682 usb [umass] generic USB media-card reader unusable o kern/114780 usb [uplcom] [panic] Panics while stress testing the uplco o usb/115298 usb [ulpt] [panic] Turning off USB printer panics kernel o usb/116561 usb [umodem] [panic] RELENG_6 umodem panic "trying to slee o usb/116699 usb [usbhid] USB HID devices do not initialize at system b o usb/116947 usb [ukbd] [patch] enable boot protocol on the USB keyboar o usb/117200 usb [ugen] ugen0 prints strange string on attach if detach o usb/117313 usb [umass] [panic] panic on usb camera insertion o usb/117613 usb [uhci] [irq] uhci interrupt storm & USB leaked memory o usb/117946 usb [panic] D-Link DUB-E100 rev. B1 crashes FreeBSD 7.0-BE o usb/117955 usb [umass] [panic] inserting minolta dimage a2 crashes OS o usb/118140 usb [ucom] [patch] quick hack for ucom to get it behave wi o usb/118141 usb [ucom] usb serial and nokia phones ucomreadcb ucomread o usb/118353 usb [panic] [ppp] repeatable kernel panic during ppp(4) se o usb/118391 usb [usbdevs] [patch] Add uscanner ID for Epson CX4800 o usb/118480 usb [umass] Timeout in USB mass storage freezes vfs layer o usb/119018 usb [usbd] HP ScanJet 4300C found as knowndev but not reco o usb/119201 usb [cam] [patch] Quirks for Olympus FE-210 camera, LG and o usb/119481 usb [hang] FreeBSD not responding after connecting USB-Mas o usb/119509 usb USB flaky on Dell Optiplex 755 o usb/119513 usb [irq] inserting dlink dwl-g630 wireless card results i o usb/119977 usb [ums] Mouse does not work in a Cherry-USB keyboard/mou o usb/120017 usb [ehci] [patch] CS5536 (AMD Geode) USB 2.0 quirk o usb/120034 usb [hang] 6.2 & 6.3 hangs on boot at usb0: OHCI with 1.5 o usb/120283 usb [panic] Automation reboot with wireless keyboard & mou o usb/120321 usb [hang] System hangs when transferring data to WD MyBoo o usb/120729 usb [panic] fault while in kernel mode with connecting USB o usb/120786 usb Kernelpanik when forced umount of a dettached USB Hard f usb/120873 usb [zyd] [panic] if_zyd and if_rum panic in usb_transfer_ o usb/121232 usb remove PCCARD rebooted system o usb/121275 usb [boot] FreeBSD fails to boot with usb legacy support e o usb/121474 usb [cam] [patch] QUIRK: SAMSUNG HM250JI in LaCie usb hard o usb/121708 usb [keyboard] nforce 650i mobo w/ usb keyboard infinite k o usb/121734 usb [ugen] ugen HP1022 printer device not working since up o usb/121755 usb [ohci] [patch] Fix panic after ohci/uhub cardbus devic o usb/121861 usb [keyboard] Don't work Fn keys on USB Microsoft Natural o usb/122462 usb [boot] Fails to boot from an usb harddrive o usb/122483 usb [panic] [ulpt] Repeatable panic in 7.0-STABLE o usb/122539 usb [ohci] [panic] AnyDATA ADU-E1000D - kernel panic: ohci o usb/122803 usb Add usbdevs and ubsa support for Dell internal CDMA Mo o usb/122905 usb [ubsa] [patch] add Huawei E220 to ubsa o kern/123510 usb [ums] Mouse Wheel Fails to Work [regression] o usb/123690 usb Panic on USB device insertion when usb loaded as a mod o usb/123714 usb Panic when hald-storage-probe runs with umass device i

137 problems total.

Non-critical problems

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138 problems total.