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Joseph P ToomeyJun 11, 2007 12:19 pm 
Subject:[tptp-testing-tools-dev] TPTP Test Project Weekly Meeting Minutes - 11-June-2007
From:Joseph P Toomey (
Date:Jun 11, 2007 12:19:47 pm

Thanks, --Joe

Joe Toomey Senior Software Engineer Rational Software IBM Software Group Attendees:

DuWayne Morris Joseph Toomey Mark Dunn Jerome Gout Bianca Xue Jiang Liz Dancy Patrick Nedelec

Missing: Paul Slauenwhite (Holiday) Kent Siefkes (Conflict)


1) 4.4 Update. 2) Action items. 3) Notes


1) 4.4 Update:

The Test Project is currently running a test pass on the 4.4 i4 Candidate Build
(TPTP-4.4.0-200706070100). Everyone expects to be complete with the test pass
by Wednesday 6/13. Our standing priorities are:

1) Address any newly identified blocking or critical 4.4 defects and work the
process to bring those fixes forward for review and approval. [There are
currently no Test Project defects in this state.] 2) Complete the 4.4 i4 test pass on Candidate Driver TPTP-4.4.0-200706070100. 3) Validate and close any defects that you own which are in resolved state. 4) Continue test automation effort.

Open test automation defects:

170656 171827 87285 170655 170652 170651 121726 170653 170654

We discussed install coverage, and we have good division of install techniques
with roughly half of the committers using the all-in-one and the other half
installing from zip files. Sorin is supposed to drop RC bits to the Europa
staging site today, so we will attempt some of our test pass on Update Manager
installed bits as well.

Reminder that all-in-one driver is packaged with EMF 2.3 only, and that EMF 2.3
does not work with Java 1.4.2. When testing with 1.4.2, you must remove EMF 2.3
and install EMF 2.2 (or do not use the all-in-one for 1.4.2 testing.)

2) Action Items

All committers to verify and close defects they originated:

Around the room:

DuWayne -- validating defects, working on test pass, automation. DuWayne has a
fix for using AGR with Test Navigator -- pasted below in notes section Bianca -- will do test pass, has little time for else Jerome -- verify/close defects. Test pass, automation Patrick -- Test pass, verify/close defects, test automation problem -- AGR does
not support editing table entries Mark -- verify/close defects Joe -- test pass, automation, verify/close defects Liz -- test pass complete for test project, working on platform testing and
investigating possible SWT regression 191708

3) Notes:

DuWayne's workaround for better object recognition in the test navigator:

The current version of the automated GUI recording tool does not identify
.testsuite objects adequately in the Test Navigator.  To fix this problem, patch
the widgetReg.xml file in
\eclipse\plugins\\auto-gui with the
attached file OR add the following lines to the file at the end just above the
line that says <!-- Default Registeration -->:   <class name = "org.eclipse.hyades.test.ui.navigator.IProxyNode" matchThreshold =
"1.0"> <method name = "getUnderlyingResource" weight = "1.0"/> </class>=