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Subject:jsMath in Plone
From:Mike Donovan (
Date:Jun 9, 2006 12:12:20 pm

I just gone done testing this, and it works very well....

jsMath is a Javascript-based implementation of LaTeX's math formatting code:

I added support for it to my Plone site in a few easy steps (which took me a few tries to get right). :)

First, I set up a local copy of the jsMath support files within my Apache front-end (which is much cleaner than uploading thousands of tiny images into Plone).

Then, I added this to the end of my footer template, just before the last </div>:

<script>jsMath = {Controls: {cookie: {scale: 120, alpha:0, warn:0, printwarn:0}}}</script> <script src="/jsMath/plugins/autoload.js"></script> <script>jsMath.Autoload.Check(); jsMath.Autoload.Run(); jsMath.Process(document);</script>

Then, I added <span> to the list of permitted tags in Kupu, and that was it! I copied and pasted some samples from the jsMath website, and they displayed and printed very nicely.