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Subject:Re: [documentum-users] Re: How to configure the use of Samson to use in DCTM 6.5
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Date:Feb 8, 2010 4:59:05 pm

Is there some reason you have not yet upgraded to the Repository Interrogator (RepoInt) tool?

On 2/8/2010 10:16 AM, Andrew wrote:

My samson directory has DMCL40.dll (but not DMCL32.dll). I think I copied it from a Desktop Client installation. The server might have the file somewhere under its PRODUCT directory.

For redirecting IDQL, I usually put the query(s) in a text file like Query.dql e.g. select subject,a_last_invocation,a_current_status from dm_job where a_current_status = 'STARTED' go

And then I call IDQL32 via a batch file, with re-direction to read the query and spool the output. The batch file (query.bat) looks like: idql32 My-Docbase -Uuser -Ppassword <query.dql >query.dql.log

I use a similar process on a Unix Content Server, too.

Alternately, you could probably start idql with the spooling e.g. idql32 >spool.log and interactively enter your commands.


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I have problem using the Samson tool. The message i get is no docbrokers found in the dmcl.ini file when try to connect.

I am using the default setup of DCTM 6.5. I have indicated the

"primary" docbroker config in the dmcl.ini file and saved to C:\Windows folder. But the release note of the samson stated that i also need the DMCL32.dll which i cannot find in my DCTM 6.5 version. Is this the cause of the connectivity problem?

Pls kindly advise. Thks.

p/s: actually i wanted to run a script file which samson is able to

use spool command to log the execution. I tried to use DQL32.exe, but not able to spool the execution...any help to achieve the spooling using DQL32.exe will be appreciated if samson cannot be configured. thks.

Rgds, Susan