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LUBASH, MIKEApr 18, 2005 5:06 am 
Subject:RE: [bcm] Fw: Service - Oriented Analysis and Design
Date:Apr 18, 2005 5:06:09 am

Hi All,

Just a heads up for today's BCM teleconference, the regular meeting time has been extended from 1 - 2 PM to 1 - 3 PM. That should give us appropriate time to have an interesting dialogue with our honored guest's.

I probably will not be able to make the beginning of the conference. I have to be at a consultation in Maryland, and I probably can not make it back into the office until some time after 1 PM. I will ask Carl or David to begin the meeting. Thus, I will join the meeting already in progress.


PS: Toll free number 886.283.3879, pass-code 564598.

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Here is Gustas presentation needed for todays meeting.

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David & Hans,

Please find attached my presentation slides for the next meeting

(Foundations of Service - Oriented Analysis and Design).

kind regards


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