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James BeakeNov 20, 2011 4:15 pm 
Boden MatthewsNov 20, 2011 5:34 pm 
Subject:Brainstorming ideas for Brisbane Ubuntu Festival - Input welcome from all Ubuntu-AU
From:James Beake (
Date:Nov 20, 2011 4:15:54 pm

I've just posted the following in the brainstorm section for the brisbane installfest on the Ubunt-au wiki [1]

I'd appreciate any feedback / thoughts that you may have on this idea.

Also a request to the community. Have you have already prepared a talk on any of these topics or others that may be useful? Are you happy to share the presentation? Then feel free to forward to me. I hate reinventing wheels.

==snippit from wiki==

Assuming it will be hard to get people to drag in desktop PC, we could provide an additional reason for people to come along on the day by having a series of "lightning talks" / demo sessions on doing stuff with Ubuntu - a Ubuntu Showcase if you will. This could run in parallel with the install activities

Some topics for demos/talks:

- Installing ubuntu (just a talk/demo) - finding and installing software - Photo editing - email and calendar - Internet safety -

General Q&A "How do I......?"

I would be happy to run any of these but would welcome anyone else who wants to run a session on one of the above or another topic. I think we have access to a projector in the room. ==END==

Cheers James