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Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses etc EVENT PROFILE How to Be an Effective Master of Ceremonies DATE: 25^th Sep 2009 TIME: 9:00AM - 5:00PM INTRODUCTION The Furama You can be the Emcee for your company's events VENUE: Riverfront if you know how. Hotel [1][MAP] FEE: SGD 480.00 Let Ernest Chen trains you to be an effective SGD 430.00 if master of ceremonies, you will learn all the dos EARLY BIRD: register by and don'ts plus gain confidence and develop the 11^th Sep 2009 joy in doing this marvelous role. REGISTRATION To register via fax, please Ernest has conducted 18th classes and everyone [2]click here to fax the form has benefited. to (65) 6327 7155. There are tons of benefit being an Emcee To register online, please OBJECTIVES [3]click here. - The Role of an Emcee - Social Etiquette and Protocol For group of 10 and above, - Different Types of Toasts In-House training please - Introduce Guests and Speakers contact us @ (65) 6327 7151 - Presentation Skills or email - Platform Manners [4] for - Speaking and Platform Tools details. - Planning An Event TRAINER PROFILE - Overcoming Stage Fright [5][IMG] - Speaking in Praise Ernest Chen - Think on your Feet Corporate Trainer - Image and Dressing OTHER COURSES - What Not to Say and Do [6]Power Presentation and Speaking This is an excellent opportunity for any company 23^rd to 24^th September 2009 staff who aspires to help out in the company [7]Power Presentation and events and at the same time acts as emcee for Speaking the event. 14^th to 15^th October 2009 Come and learn from the guru of public speaking [8]How to Be an Effective and Ernest Chen is very earnest in teaching you Master of Ceremonies and transforming you to be an effective emcee. 16^th October 2009 [9]Power Presentation and All participants will receive a copy of the Speaking Bestseller - Earnestly Speaking, signed by the 11^th to 12^th November 2009 Author. [10]How to Be an Effective COURSE OUTLINE Master of Ceremonies We can transform Speakers, Amateurs, Corporate 13^th November 2009 Staff and Individuals who have the desire to be [11]Power Presentation and exuberant and exciting Emcees. Speaking This One- Day workshop will put you at ease and 09^th to 10^th December 2009 you will understand the protocol and social [12]How to Be an Effective etiquette of a Master of Ceremonies. Master of Ceremonies 11^th December 2009 In today's highly competitive and demanding [13]Power Presentation and entertainment industry, you cannot afford to Speaking make mistake and you have to be alert, serious 13^th to 14^th January 2010 yet entertaining. [14]How to Be an Effective TESTIMONIALS Master of Ceremonies "Mr Chen has a powerful voice and he taught us 15^th January 2010 the fine art of toasting. [15]Power Presentation and I enjoyed the session and so were other Speaking participants. I believe I can be a great Emcee 24^th to 25^th February 2010 now. I encourage others to join Mr. Chen's [16]How to Be an Effective class. " Master of Ceremonies Helen Teoh 26^th February 2010 Training Coordinator [17]Power Presentation and Sheraton Hotel & Towers Speaking Subang Jaya, Malaysia 10^th to 11^th March 2010 [18]How to Be an Effective "I want to thank you for your time. I enjoyed Master of Ceremonies the course on both a professional and personal 12^th March 2010 level. " [19]Power Presentation and Waheed Bhatti Speaking In Vivo Communications (Asia) 14^th to 15^th April 2010 Singapore [20]How to Be an Effective Master of Ceremonies "Your delivery of the program is easy to follow 16^th April 2010 and understand, humourous and creative. By [21]Power Presentation and getting us involved we have a better Speaking understanding of the techniques that you have 12^th to 13^th May 2010 shared with us." [22]How to Be an Effective Alan Choo Master of Ceremonies Keppel Shipyard 14^th May 2010 Singapore [23]Power Presentation and Speaking "Besides all the great pointers on public 09^th to 10^th June 2010 speaking, what I appreciate most about the [24]How to Be an Effective course is the awareness that anyone can be a Master of Ceremonies self-made speaker, thank you Ernest." 11^th June 2010 Lyon Lim [25]Power Presentation and Sparkfury Creative Consultants Speaking 14^th to 15^th July 2010 "The course has provided me a good start on how [26]How to Be an Effective to make a good presentation and also to ease my Master of Ceremonies fear and gain confidence when speaking to the 16^th July 2010 public." [27]Power Presentation and Doris Pek Speaking General Manager 18^th to 19^th August 2010 Select Catering Services Ltd [28]How to Be an Effective Master of Ceremonies "This is a very practical course, without any 20^th August 2010 theory. Ernest is very open in sharing from his [29]Power Presentation and many years of experience as emcee on a variety Speaking of occasions. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, 15^th to 16^th September 2010 and a highly recommended course for anyone who [30]How to Be an Effective aspires to be an excellent emcee." Master of Ceremonies Gary Lim 17^th September 2010 Marketing Specialist [31]Power Presentation and Speaking The whole class enjoyed your workshop 13^th to 14^th October 2010 Most of all learned something from your charming [32]How to Be an Effective skills in-order that we can be a great speaker. Master of Ceremonies The types of presentation, ingredients of a 15^th October 2010 great speech, overcome stage fright, deliver [33]Power Presentation and with style, first & last impression, think & Speaking speak spontaneously + good foods at the hotel . 10^th to 11^th November 2010 A truly passionate teacher & a good motivator. [34]How to Be an Effective Francis Er Ling, Lecturer Master of Ceremonies School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 12^th November 2010 [35]Power Presentation and Ernest showed professionalism in his Speaking handouts/lectures, showed enthusiasm in his 15^th to 16^th December 2010 method of teaching and most importantly showed [36]How to Be an Effective his patience. He never puts anyone down. Instead Master of Ceremonies he makes constructive criticism, guiding each 17^th December 2010 and everyone along whilst sharing his very own personnal experiences hoping we would be able to excel like he did in public speaking. I definitely look up to him as a role-model. Thanks once again Ernest. In the past where I'd rather listen than be listened, I'll try to take every opportunity to speak up Richard Boon Business Development Executive Techfield Supply Pte Ltd

Taking the MC course conducted by Ernest Chen, was something like a special treat: taking a day off from my work and investing a few hundred dollars into something for myself, this alone felt good. However, what I got out of the highly useful and practical day with Ernest and the other participants made me feel even better. Although I do entertain a lot and participate in many events, as host, organizer or guest, I often feel that I do not really know the proper sequence of events, protocols etc. Ernest's course provided exactly that, but not on a theoretical level, but in practice. In conclusion I wrote down 12 important points on how to be a more effective MC on an A4 sheet with the dos and don’ts - they will be of good use for future events. Certainly a very useful and memorable day, worth the 'investme and full of fun and inspiration too. Rating it a strong "buy"! Adrian Jacklowsky Director, Asia Pacific DSM Nutrition

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