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Subject:The blogger spam filter is screwed, thinks that Finnish language is spam and my aircraft review blog got disabled as false positive!
From:Karoliina Salminen ()
Date:Aug 29, 2008 2:46:22 am


I have a blog where I publish reviews of small aircraft I get chance to fly. I am writing it in Finnish language. Suddenly one day I got a notice mail that it is a suspected spam site and today it seemed to be locked (I can't post anything, despite I immediately clicked the link for requesting a review for the page, seems like the review was not done). Obviously it detected my page as false positive.

And there was also a note that it will get removed if I do not do anything action in 20 days. This gets me really pissed because I could be on a vacation lasting more than 20 days and would not be able to notice such message and request that my blog would be reviewed because of the spam filter thinking that writing about aircraft or Finnish language is spam. What if I was on a vacation and could not click the review link and all my text that I do not have any backups would have been removed with no way to get them back? This really sucks and makes me consider using some other service.

My blog is located in here:

I could not find any email where to write angry email so I ended up typing it here.