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Michael ChampionApr 24, 2009 10:29 am 
Subject:[sca-assembly-comment] Microsoft technical comment about the SCA Assembly Model specification
From:Michael Champion (
Date:Apr 24, 2009 10:29:34 am

The following is a Microsoft technical comment about the SCA Assembly Model
specification that is being developed by OASIS Service Component Architecture /
Assembly (SCA-Assembly) TC.

Given the stated charter of the OASIS Open CSA Member Section to "unify
[software] services regardless of programming language or deployment platform,"
we would like to see the specification to be as inclusive and platform/language
neutral as possible. In that regard, we observe that the SCA specifications
should be open to a diversity of implementation choices, and not restrict them.

Upon reviewing the Assembly Model specification v1.1, CD 03, we have noticed
that section 13.2 currently reads:

"The implementation MUST support and comply with at least one of the Open CSA
Member Section adopted implementation types."

The above should be changed as in the following:

The implementation MUST support at least one implementation type: a) as defined by the Open CSA Member Section or, b) as defined in the XML Schema implementation substitution group as
described by Section 10 (Extension Model).

We also respectfully request that each SCA committee should carefully review its
specifications to make any similar changes necessary to ensure that every SCA
specification is open and neutral with respect to customer and implementation

As foundational sponsor-level member of OASIS, Microsoft demonstrates the
highest level of commitment to open standards and industry-wide
interoperability. Such interoperability is best served by allowing for as many
large and diverse implementation types as possible based on variety of operating
environments and languages, as opposed to a limited and fixed list of choices
defined by the TC at a given time.

Michael Champion OASIS voting member - Microsoft Corporation

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