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Subject:Re: [EPD-Users] TkAgg backend Windows XP
From:Ilan Schnell (
Date:Oct 22, 2009 3:51:50 pm

Hello Lisa,

thanks for bringing the TkAgg issue to attention again. I wasn't aware that we used to compile the TkAgg binding when I updated to a newer matplotlib version. I'll make sure we add the TkAgg support again in EPD 6.0 which is scheduled to be released in December, and will be based on Python 2.6. In the meantime, you can downloand and install the older matplotlib egg which still supports the TkAgg backend (which I put here for you): Remove:

egginst -r matplotlib Install the downloaded: egginst matplotlib-

I tried your example below and it works fine. Please let me know if it works.

- Ilan

On Oct 15, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Tauxe, Lisa wrote:

i'm not sure you got this.... sorry to be a pest :)

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Dear Ilan, I have installed everything in the default spots and am using the one in C:\Python25 called python. Here's what I think is going on. In the most recent release (epd-5.1.0) TkAgg is no longer supported. (I see a ticket from a month or so ago about this posted by somebody else). So I re- installed an old one I had lying around which is Python 2.5.2 installed with epd_py225-4.0.30002-win32-x86. This one still supports TkAgg and if I specify that background all my programs work just fine. Under the latest release and also under the old release with the default backend, they don't (hanging windows, etc.). This also happens when I specify wxAgg as a backend.

For example:

import matplotlib matplotlib.use("wxAgg") import pylab pylab.plot([1,2,3,4])

this displays a pretty picture with all the buttons, etc. I close this window and continue:


Now i have a window with no buttons, which turns white when i try to "touch" it with the mouse and displays the hourglass symbol and announces that it is not responding in the window header. If i try to close the window, I get another window labelled "End Program" with the message that the program is not responding with some buttons labelled "End Now" and "Cancel". "End Now" kills the python interpreter and wants to send an error report to microsoft.

This is identical behavior to what happens without the matplotlib.use statement. Also, this happens for the FIRST window with a pylab.ion() statement. I've verified that this is a more general problem with friends with Windows XP machines. In the latest distribution, TkAgg doesn't work and generates a nasty note from matplotlib regarding available backends - none of which work. Right now, i'm sticking with the old distribution, but this means I have to handle my PC and my Mac users differently, with slightly different distributions of my software (which of course is not what I prefer).

So.... the quickest fix would be to re-instate support for TkAgg in the Enthought Python distribution. or help me try to figure out why the wxAgg backend doesn't work.

thanks for all your time,


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If you open a command prompt and type:

python -V

you should see the EPD version you're using. By default EPD is installed into C:\Python25, unless you select another install location during the MSI install process. You can also start python and if you type

import sys sys.prefix

you will see where the python you're using is coming from.

- Ilan

Also, I'm assuming that the executable called "python" in the enthought Python25 folder is wxPython. Otherwise, I don't have it in my EPD install. lisa

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Hello Lisa,

I tried running your example code, and it all seems to be be working, no windows are hanging. We're compiling matplotlib to use the wxagg backend, and not the tkagg backend. In your ticket #617 you say that Perhaps re-installing TkAgg will solve the problem, which I'm confused about. Installing TkAgg should not make any difference since the matplotlib in EPD is using the wxagg backing (which is also shipped in EPD as a part of wxPython).

- Ilan

I think this problem is just a problem with missing command line arguments is related to Parallels Desktop V4 (which I use to debug windows code) so it isn't serious.

But what IS serious is the fact that on any windows machine I've tried (2) running Windows XP and with epd-5.1.0, the backend doesn't work properly. I put a ticket (#617) on the EPD svn trac about this. what happens is that calling the pylab.plot window twice (or once with interactive python turned on) results in a hung window. This must relate to the problem that the TkAgg disappeared, but NO backend works properly under Windows XP. Can this be fixed?

thanks lisa

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Hello Lisa,

I think we all rely on sys.argv heavily. How do you invoke the Python program which no longer contains the command line arguments in sys.argv? Can you give an example?

- Ilan

I've been using Python for years and have over the last several years watched with interest your development of the enthought python distribution. I used it as the basis for an entire software package which was meant to be cross platform. I normally use a Mac, but want my stuff to work on windows as well. everything was fine until recently when something fundamental broke in the PC distribution epd-5.1.0-win32-x86.msi

now the sys.argv list does not contain any command line arguments. I rely on these heavily. What should I do?

Lisa Tauxe Scripps Institution of Oceanography La Jolla, CA 92093-0220