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Subject:RE: [courier-users] Vacation and virtual mailboxes
From:Jesper Langkjær (jl@MINISOFT.DK)
Date:Feb 27, 2006 11:45:03 pm

Jesper Langkjær wrote:

if ( $RETURNCODE == 0 ) exit to "| ( cat - ; echo ''; cat vacation.msg) | $SENDMAIL"

But now the server got another mail domain (companyB) and

whenever sombody from CompanyB create an vacation messages and it got send it seems like it coming from CompanyA.

Eg. 1. user1@companyB make an vacation message 2. sombody@somwhere sends an e-mail to user1@companyB 3. The vacation messages that comes back to sombody@somewhere got it from user1@companyA

How can I fix it so that sombody@somewhere will get it from

user1@companyB ??

What do you mean when you say that it appears to come from companyA? Do you mean that the From: header shows the wrong name? Is the recipient *really* user1@companyB or is that an alias and the mail is actually being delivered to a different account?

It's an mailaliases. The mail are sent to user1@companyB and then delivered to
user2, when the mail(vacation messages) are returned it seems like it comes from
user2@companyA and not user1@companyB as it should.

Assuming that the problem is the From: header and that user1@companyB is the actual recipient, then you need to add the proper From: header to the vacation message before you mail it.

to "| ( cat - ; echo "From: $RECIPIENT"; echo ''; cat vacation.msg) | $SENDMAIL -f $RECIPIENT"

I've try this and it made no difference.