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Subject:Merging Struts JIRA projects into main JIRA
From:Jeff Turner (
Date:Jan 27, 2010 4:10:47 am


This coming weekend I'd like to migrate the Struts JIRA
( contents into the main Apache JIRA ( This will include setting httpd 301
redirects to preserve old URLs (including saved searches and RSS feeds), so hopefully the disturbance will be minimal.

Some background: originally Struts used Bugzilla. In 2006 Webwork became the new
Struts 2, and we needed to import Webwork's JIRA contents. At the time JIRA did not support project-level imports,
so we had little choice but to create a separate JIRA instance for Struts [1]. The same thing was done for other
projects (cayenne, roller, activemq, click). Of course having five JIRAs instead of one is not good for users (who expect
just one login and location) or administrators (upgrading is extra-painful, and running multiple VMs wastes precious memory),
so when JIRA gained a Project Import facility we started merging the JIRAs. Currently just struts and activemq JIRAs
remain, and now I'd like to get them done too [2,3].

The Struts JIRA has 8825 user accounts. Of these, the 3600 accounts that have
been used in any way (creating issues, comments, saved searches / RSS filters, etc) will be copied over. There are 273
accounts that have an equivalent account (by email address) in the main JIRA. and to avoid duplication, the main JIRA
username will be used. I'll send out emails notifying affected users.

About groups, there are 50 'jira-administrators' members in the Struts JIRA,
with permission to do just about anything. Some of these (husted, bayard, schof, craigmcc, niallp, martinc, greddin) are
also in the main JIRA jira-administrators. For the rest [4], I propose putting them in a 'struts-administrators' group
granted Project Administrator permission, which can do project-level things (notably create versions/components) but doesn't
have full access. Please let me know if you're in that group and require full access for some reason.

Also, I noticed that although XWork source has been imported, the JIRA issues
are still on If there's no objections I'll have a go at importing the XWork issues too. This
would include putting in http redirects for*.

I propose doing all this on Sunday midnight UTC (7pm EST, 4pm PST):
The move will take a few hours, during which the Struts JIRA will be read-only (with a banner set
saying so). Also, the main JIRA will be read-only for approximately an hour, as the JIRA Project Importer locks everyone

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


[1] [2] [3] [4] Proposed ex-admins: Joe Germuska ('germuska') Lars Torunski ('lars t') Wendy Smoak ('wsmoak') Andres March ('dres1011') Drew Davidson ('') Rainer Hermanns ('rainerh') Dick Zetterberg ('dick') Mathias Bogaert ('mbogaert') Antonio Petrelli ('') Matt Ho ('savaki') matt baldree ('matt') Jason Carreira ('jcarreira') Joe Walnes ('jwalnes1') Michael Jouravlev ('') Don Brown ('mrdon') Antonio Petrelli ('brenmcguire') Hani Suleiman ('hani') Shay Banon ('kimchy') Fran?ois Beauregard ('fbeauregard') David Graham ('') SnowWolf Wagner ('wabunoh') James House ('jhouse') Patrick Lightbody ('plightbo') Matthew Hawthorne ('matthew') Rene Gielen ('rgielen') Scott Farquhar ('') David DeWolf ('ddewolf') Lukasz Lenart ('lukasz03') Erik Beeson ('ebeeson')