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RolfJan 1, 2012 4:57 pm 
Subject:[jdom-interest] JDOM 2 Alpha release
From:Rolf (
Date:Jan 1, 2012 4:57:33 pm

Hi all and Happy New Year!

I have just uploaded a new JDOM2 'package' jdom-2.x-2012. which I am designating as the JDOM2 "Alpha" Release.

Find it here:

The JDOM2 pages have been updated to match the JavaDoc API, Code coverage, and Unit-test results as well. See the 'entry' page here:

There are eleven 'issues' currently outstanding. None of them are bugs in the core functionality of JDOM. In other words, this JDOM2 Alpha release has no known bugs.

Please help with this and ensure we discover any gremlins sooner rather than later.

It is my expectation that for regular users there will be very few 'interface' changes between now and JDOM2 final release. There may be some 'transparent' extensions to the API, and there may/will be changes to the 'sub-classing' API, so if you have custom sub-classes of JDOM code then you will probably want to pay special attention.

If you *do* have sub-classes of JDOM code now is a very important time to test JDOM2 to see if your code will break, and how JDOM2 can best be adapted/fixed to continue to support your custom requirements.

To create some form of 'deadline' for JDOM2 I intend to (provisionally):

- 2 Feb GroundHog Day! all current issues resolved - submit any issues to the mailing list if you encounter any. Deadline for new feature requests/enhancements - mail the list if you have any.

- 14 Feb 'Valentine' *BETA* Release on 14th February - may shift depending on any large enhancements/requests.

- 29 Feb 'Leap Day' Second *BETA* - All class/method signatures 'locked' Bug Fixing only

- 9 Apr 'Easter' JDOM2 Release

So, please get playing with JDOM2, if you don't provide feedback in this time period there's a good chance there will not be an opportunity later to get that 'sweet' feature in that you want.

Please Note ===========

I believe this release is 'stable' in the sense that the code is fully functional. I believe that while there may be bugs, the code is generally in good condition, and it can be trusted to do 'the right thing' with nearly as much confidence as JDOM 1.1.2.

This is an alpha release though, and the expectation is that there will be some issues with the code, and I fully expect there to be small changes to some method/interface calls as the need arises.

Happy Coding!