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Ben KennedySep 4, 2003 9:14 am.maildroprc
Subject:[courier-users] Maildroprc for spam filtering and multiple delivery instructions
From:Ben Kennedy (
Date:Sep 4, 2003 9:14:40 am
maildroprc - 4k

Greetings all,

Attached is a maildroprc which I'm now using to employ configurable spam- filtering on a per-mailbox basis with virtual accounts that are served from authmysql.

How to use: install as /etc/courier/maildroprc, then configure the delivery instruction in mysql for each user as so:

|maildrop -d systemuser hamdelivery spamdelivery

where systemuser is the physical system account name correspondent to the mailbox (irrespective of whether the mailbox name is a system account or a virtual domain account). This is necessary since maildrop won't pass cmdline args without a -d or -M first specified, and I got no response to the related inquiry of a day or two ago.

hamdelivery and spamdelivery are whitespace-separated lists of delivery instructions, such as e-mail addresses, paths to maildirs or pipe commands (see # comments for details). If more than one, enclose the group of them in quotes so as to create one argument. This provides the ability to specify several delivery targets which is otherwise not possible with an authmysql data source.

If the message is deemed to be spam, it will be delivered as per spamdelivery. If the message is deemed to be non-spam, or if spamdelivery was not specified, it will be delivered as per hamdelivery.

I hope this is of some use and/or interest to others. Feel free to feed back any improvements, comments, etc.

I forget whether this list will pass attachments; if not, I'll repost in body following this message. (Mitch, this is the same version I sent you the other night)