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Subject:Re: [Exist-open] Stress testing eXist-1.4.1-rev14438
From:Ubbo Veentjer (
Date:May 18, 2011 12:24:14 pm

Hi Wolfgang,

updated svn, did a "./ dist", so the used exist version is unmodified without config changes. I ran dist/eXist-1.4.1dev/bin/ . Running the JMeter test the stacktrace in exist.log showed up within a minute. Actually I
see now that its just a warning:

2011-05-18 21:14:30,386 [P1-9] WARN ( [showTrace]:93) -
Stacktrace: org.exist.util.sanity.AssertFailure: TRACE: Node 99: not found. at org.exist.util.sanity.SanityCheck.TRACE( at at at$14.start( at [...]

2011-05-18 21:14:30,395 [P1-9] WARN ( [getNodeValue]:2093) - btree error while reading node value node not found. at at at$14.start( [...]

does this means its uncritical, because its no Error?

My OS is a 64bit Ubuntu 11.04.

Thanks for looking into this, Ubbo

On 18.05.2011 18:03, Wolfgang Meier wrote:

Hi Ubbo,

using rev 14480, this test runs through without showing any issues on my machine, even if I increase the number of users to 20. Could you retry with the same rev? If you still get those errors, could you share your configuration? Or maybe I need to try another machine.

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