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Paul PoulainMar 16, 2018 8:30 am 
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Subject:[Koha-devel] Hackfest in Marseille, what you missed and what you'll be see soon in 18.05
From:Paul Poulain (
Date:Mar 16, 2018 8:30:58 am

Hello all,

So the 2018 hackfest in Marseille is now finished. It was a great week, with a lot of work, a lot of discussion, a lot of fun. The weather was with us, except on thursday, the evenings were full of beer & happyness. Let's summarize what we made...

Koha Elastic Search

Our hotest topic, for sure 10 patches written and/or signed off. A lot of work on Elastic Search. BULAC want to go live with Koha+ES with 18.05 [Thank you François and Severine, Bulac, Nick, Bywatersolutions, Alex, BibLibre]

UNIMARC & bibliographic transition (FRBR):

• default frameworks at install updated [thank you François, Roubaix public library] • script written to update all cataloguing frameworks with new MARC records preparing FRBR (IFLA 2017 fields & subfields) [thank you Julian, BibLibre] • zebra indexes definition started, to be finished [thank you François, Roubaix public library] • XSLT to display those new fields still to do

FRBR & ReasonableGraph

3 developers from AltSol, a Greek company working on FRBR and a software called ReasonableGraph (see  showed what they made with Koha & MARC data. They'll keep to work on it, the Koha community may hear of them again in the future. Maybe starting with a plugin that can be compared to the Ebsco EDS plugin: instead of searching in Koha, search would be made on ReasonableGraph database, that is fully FRBR compliant, and present results in a "FRBR way" [Thank you Nikos, AltSol]


The french team worked and finished to translate 100% of 17.11, the release notes, and most of the documentation. A big effort [Thank you many french librarians !]

Coral & Koha<>Coral interface

• presentation of Coral 3.0 new features (including the wonderful interface Coral <> EDS) • presentation of Coral setup at Lyon 3 [Thank you Sonia, Lyon 3] • Koha <> Coral interface, what's done, what has to be done [Thank you Matthias, BibLibre]

Koha & SCSS

[Thank you Owen, ACPL]

• Finished the transition to SCSS for the staff client (see, and and, patch passed QA now • The transition from LESS to SCSS for the OPAC is done (see • Owen introduced us to SCSS.


rebase, fixes, tests. One problem detected, not easy to reproduce, still working on it, still highly expected for 18.05 [Thank you Brendan, BywaterSolutions & Alex, BibLibre]


[Thank you ... too many people to name them !]

• 80+ patches tested (44 signed-off, 21 failed, 15 does not apply) • This week, 285 bugs had at least one change (any kind, change by a "hackfester" or not)


• kohadevbox presentation & installation on some librarian laptops. We now have some librarians able to sign-off patches without using sandboxes ! [thank you Nick, ByWaterSolutions] • Kohala (Koha french usergroup) has scheduled the Symposium (Paris, in June) • On Thursday, it was the "Bokeh hackfest/conference". Bokeh is a library portal software that BibLibre is supporting. 10 new librarians and 4 developers from AFI, BibLibre sister-company joined us to discuss new features, and share their experience with Bokeh, Bokeh+Koha, ... ( for more info about Bokeh) [Thank you, our neigbour for hosting this event] • we discovered Emkipop (

If I forgot something, remind me, please [ I'm an old man, you know, my memory begins to abandon me ;) ]