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Levi MorrisonAug 25, 2013 7:18 pm 
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Subject:[PHP-WEBMASTER] Merging branch 'responsive' into master.
From:Levi Morrison (
Date:Aug 25, 2013 7:18:27 pm

Hello list,

I have been busier than I had expected to be when I committed to finishing a few things on the responsive branch. I haven't finished them done and the branch really needs merged back into master asap, so I'm dropping them. I know there will be some merge conflicts, which is why I haven't done merged it back into master already. Unfortunately I'll be busy for a few more weeks, so I don't really have the time to work through it right now. If someone is willing to do this for me that would be great. If not I'll do it in a couple weeks when I have time again, but we really need to merge it in as soon as we can. I should have already done it; I apologize.