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Subject:[Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] xen ocaml tools
From:Vincent Hanquez (
Date:Feb 4, 2009 6:55:23 am

Hi xen-devel,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Xen ocaml tools repository. This contains for now, a fully rewritten version of xenstored, which should be better than the C version available in the xen repository.

= License

This is part of an effort to try to opensource some Citrix internals things that the open-source community could use and/or find useful. As such all the code in this repository are licensed under the LGPLv2 with ocaml static exception as common in the ocaml world. Please see the LICENSE file.

= Improvements (compared to C xenstored)

* scalability: transactions have a much better behavior in this version leading to significant improvements during aggressive use of xenstored and preventing possible guest xenstored DoS. * no disk database: everything is cheaply stored in memory. * small code base in a functional language.

= Getting the source

as easy as: hg clone

= Building

You need to have a built xen, and a working ocaml compiler (native and bytecode). if you don't have xen installed in /, you need to set your env XEN_DIST_ROOT to the xen dist path (on bourne shell export XEN_DIST_ROOT=/path/to/my/built/xen/dist/)

once you're there, typing make will build the binaries.

= Installing

ocaml xenstored is a drop in replacement of C xenstored, replacing /usr/sbin/xenstored by the ocaml one will just works. You also need to copy xenstored.conf in the xenstored directory on the destination at /etc/xen/.

Once you did that, you need to restart your host (just like if you would want to restart C xenstored).

= Any problems

well, let us know, Thomas (CCed) and I, we'll be happy to help you solve problems that may arise.