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Subject:Re: Get Photo By Id
From:Youngfe (
Date:Mar 17, 2008 12:00:00 am

Hi Jeff,

The album I get through is private album. So it comes with authkey.

This feedUri is showed when I debug it in VS studio. It seems all my private albums has an special authkey for each of them.

I want to store the photo feedUri in my local computer and try to get the according photoentry later on.

The Ryan's code seems can make it done and I try it in my codes but I got the exception

On Mar 15, 1:32 am, "Jeff Fisher (Google)" <> wrote:

Hi Youngfe,

I'm a little curious about what this "authkey" parameter is in your FeedUri, that doesn't show up when I examine FeedUri on a PhotoEntry myself. Also, the FeedUri of a PhotoEntry is not a single entry as your code seems to assume, but a feed of entries (comment entries by default) that are associated with that particular photo. This is probably why you are getting an exception.

More information about the various feeds can be found on the reference page:

Cheers, -Jeff

On Mar 13, 11:55 pm, Youngfe <> wrote:

Hi Ryan,

I using following code. But there is an exception. All other code seems running well. Do you have any idea about it?

If Not PicasaFeed Is Nothing Then For Each Album As PicasaEntry In PicasaFeed.Entries AlbumQuery.Uri = New Uri(Album.FeedUri) Dim photoquery As New PhotoQuery(Album.FeedUri) Dim photosFeed As PicasaFeed = Me.service.Query(photoquery) For Each Photo As PicasaEntry In photosFeed.Entries Me.Text = Photo.Title.Text ********FeedUri
is<*****>/albumid/5121458287715519489/photoid/5110827096599366226?authkey=<******> ********The next link have exception.******** Dim pica As PhotoEntry = Me.service.Get(Photo.FeedUri) Dim bb = Photo.Media.Thumbnails(0) Next Next End If

regards, Youngfe On 3月2日, 上午5时09分, "Ryan Boyd (Google)" <> wrote:

Hi PJ,

Sorry for misreading the question. If you only know the photoid, and not the albumid/albumname, I believe you'll have to make several requests: 1) Get the photo PicasaEntry photoEntry = (PicasaEntry)
service.Get(" <username>/photoid/<photoid>") 2) Call String albumid = photoEntry.getPhotoExtensionValue("albumid"); 3) Use the albumid from step #2 to retrieve: PicasaEntry albumEntry = (PicasaEntry)
+ albumid); 4) Look at the Title/Summary property of step #3: albumEntry.Title albumEntry.Summary

(In place of using PicasaEntry above, you should also be able to use the PhotoEntry and AlbumEntry classes-- if you need the methods particular to those classes).

Because of the multiple retrievals necessary, you might want to just keep the albumid info the first time you retrieve it and pass it along throughout your app.

Cheers, -Ryan

On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 7:00 AM, PJ <> wrote:


The Title and Summary returns the name and description of the photo, not the album (correct me if I'm wrong). I have seen the .NET developer guide before but I couldn't find what I am looking for anywhere. I am trying to build the whole thing using ASP.NET and Picasa assemblies and give it to the community so others like me can benefit.

I will look at the desktop browser more closely and check if it has answers to my questions.

Thanks Ryan.

On Feb 29, 10:06 pm, "Ryan Boyd (Google)" <> wrote:

Hi PJ,

In Jeff's example, you have a PicasaEntry retrieved based upon the photo ID. Take a look at the Title and Summary properties of the photo-- those correspond to the name/description.

Re samples: Have you seen the .NET developer guide?:

There's also a desktop photo browser app at:

Of course, let us know if there's things missing in those that you're looking to do :)

Cheers, -Ryan

On Feb 28, 5:11 pm, PJ <> wrote:

and how do I retrieve the album name and description from a photo Id? Thanks.

On Feb 27, 9:21 pm, PJ <> wrote:

Thanks, Jeff. I will try it out.

On Feb 26, 1:57 pm, "Jeff Fisher (Google)" <> wrote:

Hi PJ,

To get a PicasaEntry corresponding to a particular photo entry:

String photoUrl = " userID/album/albumName/photoid/1234567890"; PicasaEntry photoEntry = (PicasaEntry) service.Get(photoUrl);

However, if you want to get previous and next links inside of an album, you could just do an album query with max-results=1:

Now the feed will contain self, previous, and next links and a single photo entry.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, -Jeff

On Feb 25, 5:01 pm, PJ <> wrote:


I am trying to develop a photo gallery in .NET using Picasa API. I have 3 pages - first one shows the list of albums, second shows the list of photos in an album (the album name is carried to the next page via a querystring) and the third page displays the photo clicked in page two. This is pretty much similar functionality seen in Picasa Albums on Google.

In the third page, I have the album name and photo id via querystrings. How do I retrieve a single photo by Album name (AlbumAccessor.Name) and Photo Id (PhotoAccessor.Id)? Right now, the only way I see is to lookup PhotoAccessor for each entry, then try to find a match to the photo id in querystring. Is there an easy way to this? I am unnecessarily hitting the server for each photo and trying to match it. Also, do I need to calculate the Previous and Next images manually or is there a property in one of the classes which has this information?

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