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Subject:Re: Where are Tomcat logs when run as service?
From:ohaya (
Date:Aug 23, 2004 12:32:17 am

Shakeel wrote:

Hi, thats good that you started this as a service, we just done same with our application, and may be our discussion help each other.

Here is exact information about logs of Tomcat when running as a service. 1- All System.out.print go to $:\Tomcat4.1\logs\stdout.log 2- All System.err.print go to $:\Tomcat4.1\logs\stderr.log 3- All other loggers like Log4j etc go to there respective streams.

Now if you want to see the live logs exactly like Tomcat running as a stand alone server you will install cygwin and use folllowing command. tail -f c:/Tomcat4.1/logs/stdout.log


I wish we could communicate as we also have some unresolved issues like printing from POS terminals, which are under R&D. Also keep in mind that as a service JVM is picking JAVA_OPTS or not. Or you will have to edit some registry values.

Hi Joseph, Eric, and Shakeel,

Thanks! I missed those files, as I've been working with the .EXE for awhile, and didn't notice them there after I installed the service on the new machine :(. Things seem to be working ok now.

Thanks, Jim