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Subject:Difference between "id" and "id-ne" field type
From:Aditya Sharma (
Date:Apr 30, 2017 10:07:13 am


While creating an entity I was in ambiguity whether to go for "*id*" or " *id-ne*" field type. When I googled it I came across this very enriching discussion.

As stated, an "id-ne" field can only have a *non-empty* value.

I was very curious to know how it is implemented in OFBiz. I found that almost all the *fieldtype*.xml* files have *same* *sql-type* and *java-type* for these 2 field types but I couldn't get any trace of how that not-empty constraint is levied upon "id-ne" fields.

I even looked at table structure for those fields having "id-ne" field type but there was no "not-null" constraint at even the database level.

When dug into it further I can across this commit where validate elements were removed from fieldtype*.xml files.

But I can't get why it was removed and when it was removed whether there was some implementation that took its place for those validations.

To further check if it even works I found an OOTB entity having a non-primary key "id-ne" field. I found that "*Picklist*" entity has a field *shipmentMethodTypeId* as "id- ne" type. When we *create a picklist* for an order from Facility Manager, *shipmentMethodTypeId* can be *empty*.

If my explorations are correct currently there is no difference between "id" and "id-ne" at the implementation level and there should be a Jira for it.

If I missed out something, can someone please enlighten me with that and help me understanding it well.