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Subject:[Openstack] Cinder status update
From:John Griffith (
Date:Jun 19, 2012 2:10:01 pm

For those of you that don't know Cinder is the new project intended to separate block storage out of Nova and provide it via it's own service. The goal is to have a functional replacement for Nova-Volumes by Folsom 2 (don't worry, you'll be able to select which service to use). So far things have gone fairly well, we're at a stage now where we have a beta version that's ready for use in devstack environments for folks that might be curious or interested in doing some testing/fixing :)

I haven't done anything fancy like packaging it all up in vagrant, but depending on the level of interest we can look into that. Currently the needed patches are in Gerrit as Drafts, so rather than mess with adding a ton of people who are just a little curious, I've created a github fork that can be used just for initial looking around/testing.

In order to get an install up and running all you need to do is clone the following version of devstack: (you should also be able to just modify your vagrant attributes file to point to this version of devstack of course).

The stackrc in the version of devstack on j-griffith is hard coded for the cinder service and the special repos in order to make it as easy as possible to check out the beta.

Run and you should be in business...

Please note that this is a hack to get things up and running for folks that have expressed interest in testing and seeing where things are at. There are surely issues/bugs and things that "aren't done yet", but this is suitable to be called beta.

What to expect: * Create/List/Delete volumes on the cinder service via: cinderclient ('cinder'), euca2ools * Create/List/Delete volume-snapshots on the cinder service via: cinderclient ('cinder'), euca2ools * Attach/Detach needs some work but it can be done via euca-attach-volume

What's in progress: * Attach/Detach for cinderclient * Seems to be something not working in horizon any longer, need to look at this * Lots of cleanup and unused nova code to strip out of cinder project still * Tests (unit tests, as well as devstack tests)

Note there are a fixes/changes on a daily basis so it's very much a moving target. Official repos should all be updated and ready for consumption no later than the end of this week.

Give it a try, if you find an issue or something missing let me know, or better yet fix it up and send me a pull request :)

Thanks, John