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Subject:[WikiEN-l] Wikiquette committee appointments
From:Erik Moeller (
Date:Dec 4, 2003 1:01:06 pm


thanks for the nomination, but I have to decline at this point because of time constraints and for philosophical reasons. Given that I'm frequently a person *involved* in disputes, it would only seem too likely that I would have to recuse myself much of the time. I prefer to get involved in a non-formal manner and only request the intervention of formal authority when necessary.

I will be very interested in seeing how these two committees make their decisions, and offer my comments along the way. Re: mailing lists - not sure about that. Cunctator has been an ardent advocate of using message boards. I have some reservations about boards, but perhaps this would be an opportunity to try them, especially as this will be a "use once, then forget" kind of system (i.e. people will not want to subscribe/unsubscribe for a single debate). phpBB allows posting without registration, and the admins could be registered users who are also moderators on the board.

An alternative option would be Phorum, which can be interfaced with mailing lists using a script called Phorummail. But phpBB would be faster to set up. I would volunteer as a board admin (technical only) in case we go with phpBB.