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Subject:Re: To kick off the Common Lisp concerns. . .
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Date:May 30, 2007 10:33:14 am

[I am not a direct contributor to ABCL: it is a very stable platform for gluing together other components on the JVM. I am working on packaging such methods in a more Java understandable manner, and when my Lisp Fu gets good enough, helping with the dynamic method dispatch that will be present (Java 7? OpenJDK fork?)]

ABCL ====

Armed Bear Common Lisp is mainly the creation of one Peter Graves, who patiently and promptly addresses concerns on the appropriate mailing lists. The current version 0.0.10 is actually much more mature than its versioning indicates: I think the basic code is about six years old (2000).

It's origins lie in its basis of the extendable core of J, a Java based editing environment inspired by such examples as Emacs.

As a Common Lisp implementation, most of the implementation is written is Lisp itself. Notably in need of overhaul at the moment is the CLOS system (i.e. "objects" in Common Lisp: multiple inheritance, cross cutting concerns on method dispatch, etc), but most Common Lisp code will run, albeit slowly.

ABCL makes surprisingly little use of dynamic introspection features.

Our syntax trees (as is everything in Lisp), are all just "s- expressions". But then again everything is: Lisp has very consistent uniform syntax (cf. Lisp Macros)/



[Lisp in Small Pieces][1] is a book that I have on order that I hope will start being able to present