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Subject:Re: Point of Sale Transactions
From:Fuel Cell (
Date:Oct 20, 2006 1:01:48 pm

I have an inventory database that I want to update as orders are placed, so that out-of-stock items that cannot be re-ordered can be automatically removed from the online product catalog as they are sold out.

I'm looking for a public interface that I can use from an Internet-enabled CLIENT PC to programmatically request the latest order information (from the Orders inbox), and receive the data in a form suitable for automation. What I have in mind is something like an HTTP request over a secure connection or an FTP/SFTP "GET".

The only ways I have found found to obtain order information/status are: 1) The email notifications sent to seller: Not in a format that is amenable to parsing. 2) The Order Processing API: Specific to a secure web server. 3) The "Export data to CSV" on the Payouts tab: This is payouts only, and don't see a way to get it programmatically.