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Subject:Re: I just want to know little more
From:sebastian de comocomo (
Date:Apr 23, 2009 7:36:10 am

Hi Jeremy,

I have the same problem,

I search for "cafe", and if in google it has the accent "café"

I save it to mysql, as UTF8unicode-ci and also tried UTF8_bin,

And it get's saved as:


Any ideas of what I'm going wrong?

Thanks Sebastian

On 23/04/09 12:47, "Jeremy Geerdes" <> wrote:

Without seeing exactly what you've got, it's tough to tell for sure, but I would guess that the problem you're having is the result of having a database that's not using UTF-8 as its character set. The Language API runs in only UTF-8, but MySQL, for example, defaults to ISO-8859.

Also, please be advised that the API's TOU prohibit you from storing translations for more than 15 days. So it would probably be smarter to save the original text to your database, along with the destination language, and then translate it whenever you use it.

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On Apr 23, 2009, at 3:19 AM, Tushar wrote:


I have tested the Google AJAX language APIs.It is cool stuff but I want to ask that suppose I am having a form to be filled by the all the controls are connected with AJAX langauge API so they can render the respective language after that i would like to save those information in some database and also would like to email those info then how it can be done cause i tried to save the values of a textbox control to database it got saved with some different formate but when i repopulate that data to control back again then its displaying only Questions marks that mean it can not render the language back again.

Please tell me if anybody have knowledge about this.

regards Tushar