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Subject:Re: Session and DIO Package used with MySql and Oracle
From:David N. Welton (
Date:Apr 24, 2006 3:01:19 pm

Arnulf Wiedemann wrote:

Am Samstag 14 Januar 2006 16:55 schrieb David N. Welton:

Arnulf Wiedemann wrote:

Hello, I have now running the Session package together with DIO with a dio_Oracle module since 2 weeks in a production environment. The testing environment is running with dio_Mysql. There seem to be no problems. In the production environment there are about 50 different users.

I had to make some smaller modifications to session_class.tcl and dio.tcl to make them run with Mysql and Oracle.

If someone is interested, please let me know.

I don't use either one (truth be told, I don't use DIO either), but if Karl or Damon don't respond, I'd be happy to check in your patch to subversion.

Hi David, thanks for the offer to update. I did not hear anything form Karl or Damon. Here are the modified files and one new file: dio_Oracle.tcl

Hi, sorry I haven't had the time to chase after this, but could you please re-send those files either as text attachments or diff -u patches?

BTW...Karl, Damon? 'DIO' is really your turf, if you wanted to take a few minutes to look at what Arnulf has done.

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