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Subject:RE: [bcm] Subject for teleconference call?
From:David RR Webber (XML) (
Date:Feb 16, 2006 5:22:25 am


We'll need to ask Infravio what works for them I guess.

Can you give them a call?

Thanks, DW

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Hi David,

I am all for it. If you want, we will have a BCM teleconference on 6 and 20 March (1 -2PM EST). You can pick the date.



From: David RR Webber (XML) [] Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2006 8:11 AM To: Subject: [bcm] Subject for teleconference call?

Should we invite a presenter from this OASIS member company? They are using ebXML registry under the covers in their product.



Infravio Takes Metadata to SOA Governance Vance McCarthy, Integration Developer News

EJB 3.0 isn't the only mega-trend in metadata. SOA governance provider Infravio says metadata applied to registry and tooling will empower integration devs to play a more visible role when it comes to aligning IT with business needs. Infravio's X-Registry 5 uses metadata techniques to provide a contracts-based view a company's rules, data and workflows which company execs hope will deliver a more value-based view of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance. Among the common SOA tasks Infravio's approach allows are: (1) Create policy contracts -- define, publish, promote, and authorize; (2) Execute contract functions -- search, find, demo, refine, and (3) Provide secure on-demand access through request for access, role-based viewing.


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