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Tom ChristiansenFeb 24, 1999 4:37 pm 
Nick Ing-SimmonsFeb 24, 1999 7:27 pm 
Subject:ANNOUNCEMENT: Perl Power Tools (was: Re: PodParser 1.07 (was: RE: C<stuff()> vs stuff()))
From:Nick Ing-Simmons (
Date:Feb 24, 1999 7:27:26 pm

Tom Christiansen <> writes:

tchrist> This is what Ken invented cmp for, guys. Sheesh.

You guys are busily bending over backwards and further, just to avoid invoking standard, expected, and fundamentally basic tools in an altogether honorable effort to enhance portability to even those legacy, tool-deficient systems that the underprivileged, unfortunate, and sometimes simply unwary masses have been cursed to toil under.

This is good, for their need is great. Suffering is bad.

But don't stop there! Don't merely implement a cat module, a cmp module, an ls module, a tee module, a basename module, a grep module, a head module, a find module, a cp module, an rm module, etc., as you are currently doing.

That is not my plan. Many of said "functions" are in the existing Win32 MakeMaker support module. My plan is to write a bunch of foo.bat perl scripts which 'use' said module and then invoke the function with command line args.

Turn these all into the real programs, and put that directory of them in one's path,

Install them in the perl bin directory...

Modules without programs are slightly silly -- solipsistic soliloquies. But cloak these modules in honest tools, and surely shall your names be written in the Blessed Book of Courageous Coders who helped save the world.

The geas is set. May the contributions begin. Happy hacking!