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Subject:Re: Poddling status
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Date:Jan 23, 2012 1:09:24 am


You got my attention already :-) I don't know if that is feasible, but having something like a one-day brainstorming meeting in real life would definitely get things rolling much faster. The main developers of the listed C++ OSGi projects are all living in Germany and the Netherlands are not so far away. If people are interested, maybe there is an opportunity to


Good idea. I also think it would be wise not to wait to long with this, so maybe its possible to arrange something the first half year of 2012 ?

I agree, lets try to plan something for this. Any ideas on location/date? We should probably start by contacting maintainers of the other frameworks.

Maybe a step to far, but isn't a idea - instead of just adding a C++ wrapper - to develop Celix as a SOA framework where C and C++ services/bundles can be transparently combined? In other words services - written in C or C++ - should always expose a C and C++ interface. This way Celix could be an interesting framework for projects which want combine C and C++ without resolving to extern "C" constructs.

I don't think this idea is a step to far, being able to mix c and c++ services/bundles (ie one common service type/description) would be a big plus!