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Subject:Re: [ubuntu-uk] Problems with broadband
From:Martyn (
Date:Dec 18, 2007 1:36:21 am

Im with Virgin media. i have a motorola modem, a linksy router...and im running gutsy!!

Can anyone think of what might have happened?

They had an outage. I had the same issue here in wolverhampton

As did I in Farnborough.

Cheers, Al.

Me too (Hampshire), but I was in the middle of setting up my daughters Christmas pressie (new laptop) with Vista (I know, I know, I feel dirty :-o ), anyway I was already cursing it and jumped straight to the wrong conclusion when t'Internet died, but a quick check on my own trusty laptop (Ubuntu) revealed that I couldn't blame Micro$oft for it this time.

I also went through power cycling the router & modem to no avail, but having read this I hope it will all be back to normal when I get home tonight.