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Subject:Re: [courier-users] archive users data
From:Jérôme Blion (
Date:Jul 29, 2005 3:00:48 pm

john squid a écrit :


i am a bit confused in how to archive a users data. i have a user who wants me to archive 11 months of his email. can someone please help with what command i need to perform this action?

I have already tared all of his personal data but i need to know how to only archive only messages within the prior months.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Something like :

find $USER_DIR -type f -mtime +121 | while read USER_FILE do # The goal of the following line is to have /full/path/to/user/ transformed in ./ ==> simple path to archive REL_DIR=`echo "$USER_FILE" | sed 's/full\/path\/to\/user//g'` cp $USER_FILE $BACKUP_DIR/$REL_DIR done # just compression... tar -cjf $BACKUP_DIR

hope this helps