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Subject:Re: [foaf-protocols] todo: smtp/pop proxy for Web Mail
From:Henry Story (
Date:Sep 4, 2010 10:28:44 am

Karl Dubost pointed me to Paul Prescod's work on RESTmail, that fits the bill
perfectly (at first glance). The only piece missing is the authentication bit
for him, and we can solve that. So we should see if we can join forces there....

I'll try contacting him,


An idea: how to get rid of e-mail.

Blogging is like e-mail with access control. Post a blog entry that can be read
only by the people you intend to read using access control. Ping them. They use
WebID to authenticate and can read it, copying the entry over to their store.

Result: secure e-mail that arrives in a couple of connections at its

Next: write a pop/smtp proxy, so that people can use their current e-mail
clients to do their work. Sending: When someone writes an email it is sent to the smtp server. If that
server has a webid-mail endpoint to ping it use the RESTful mail. If they don't
forward to a traditional smtp server Receiving: the proxy receives all traditional and WebId Mail, and presents it to
the client using a traditional SMTP service.

Additional feature: Create a nice Web Interface so that you get webmail for

Could also work with a WebID enabled RSS reader.


PS. I think I mentioned this before, but just talked about it at DERI, so it's
fresh in my mind.

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