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Gu, Liu xue PSE NKGSep 24, 2007 6:23 pm 
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Subject:MY Testopia installation instructions on windows
From:Gu, Liu xue PSE NKG (
Date:Sep 24, 2007 6:23:42 pm

************************************************************************ ********************* Install Testopia 1.11 with 2.22.1 ************************************************************************ ********************* 1.5 Typographical conventions Bugzilla Bugzilla 2.22.1 Testopia Testopia 1.11 Bugzilla directory C:\Bugzilla Testopia directory C:\Bugzilla\Testopia

3.1 System requirements Table of system requirements

Tools Testopia Version 1.1 Architecture model Browse/Server Language English Operating System Windows 2003 Server Bugzilla Bugzilla 2.22 MySQL Mysql 5.0 Perl Perl 5.8.8 . 3.2 Installation instructions The Testopia sever software is usually installed on Linux or Solaris, as well as Bugzilla. If your operating system is not *nix but a windows, remove it and install *nix; your boss will not notice the difference. Because it is a tough journey to let them, Bugzilla and Testopia, work on windows.

3.2.1 Precondition Bugzilla 2.20 (Currently the only version tested with Testopia 1.0; however this does not mean it won't work with other versions)

Text::Diff Latest version should work

As far as databases are concerned, Testopia just adds a number of tables to the existing Bugzilla database. Currently Testopia only supports Mysql as a database. By this we mean it is the only one tested as of version 1.0 although there is no real reason it shouldn't work with PostGres (the other database engine officially supported by Bugzilla). We just don't have any table creation scripts for it yet.

Testopia has been tested on Mysql 4.1 and 5.0. Bugzilla requires 4.1 as of 2.20.

3.2.2 Official steps

1. Copy the testopia tar ball into your bugzilla's root directory. 2. Untar tar xzvf testopia-<release>.tar.gz 3. Run perl The install script sets up the database tables, patches your code, and sets up three new groups: managetestplans, edittestcases, and runtests.

If the patch fails, you may want to patch the files by hand. There are only 4 small changes to the Bugzilla 2.20 code. You should now be able to See the Testopia links in the Bugzilla footer. Make sure you update the new Testopia user groups to include whomever is going to need access to test cases.

The above is the official Testopia installation document. It is highly possible that it works fine in *nix, but it does not work for certain. So leave it alone and do it with me.

3.2.3 Windows journey

Bugzilla working fine is mandatory and required Perl model is installed correctly.

1. Copy the Testopia tar ball into your Bugzilla root directory. 2. Untar tar xzvf testopia-<release>.tar.gz Manual patch

Patch file should be patched with tools or manually. Although there is a tool, called patch for windows, correct patched system is not achieved ever. Therefore, manual patch method is the only way to get it only because the operation system is windows.

1. Find the corresponding patch file with your Bugzilla version in <Testopia directory> 2. Open it as a fine friendly editor 3. Change the relevant file according to the patch file line by line ( now you can see the advantage of *nix and the silliness of windows) NOTES: There is a tool called KDiff3, which might be helpful.

4. install the Testopia with no patch like: -nopatch 5. you will see( here should be a picture showing Testopia install successfully)

C:\Bugzillatest> -nopatch

Figure 1: Installation command

************************************************************************ ********************* The text above is my installation notes . I have updagrade Testopia once from version 1.0 to version 1.1.2.

If anybody have a good instructions, please let me know.

************************************************************************ *********************

Sincerely yours,

Liu Xue, Gu


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#Any one has the good instruction how to install testopia 1.3 into bugzilla 3.0 running in windows? I tried all the helps I can got from internet but it doen't work

#thanks #Minh Anh Vu

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