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Subject:Re: Packt Book - Publish on our website?
From:Kelly Hair (
Date:May 25, 2013 12:54:21 pm

Wonder if it's best to come up with 3 options to vote yeah/nah on. Is it too early to vote on?

I'm on a plane so may be missing the most recent on this thread. Did see before boarding on my mobile that Giles had a good suggestion of having an "unendorsed/unofficial community" section of the page.

So.. options could be: 1) Do not create a list of external information sources. 2) Create an endorsed/official list of external information services 3) Create an unendorsed/"caveat emptor" list of external information services.

Agree with the concern of mind share Giles pointed out should option 1 win out. So, personally I'd vote no to option 1 but yes to both options 2 & 3.

PS - apologies if this is repeat by the time I sync up!

On 5/24/13 3:01 PM, "Noah Slater" <> wrote:

On 24 May 2013 21:54, Sebastien Goasguen <> wrote:

Quite flabbergasted actually. What's wrong with a book icon on a webpage ?

We've been over the opposing arguments several time in this thread.

Checking their book for sanity is a 10 minute deal, one evening if you want to be thorough.

I think you underestimate how much time it takes to review a book for quality. Or perhaps we have different interpretations of what a review would comprise. Note that David spent several evenings on this (I believe) before he found a problem.

We are spending more time discussing it than it would take doing it. Having the Packt book is terrific, there is no being neutral about this.

Discussion-lead consensus-building is an important part of how we make decisions. :) And it's up to the community to decide how neutral or circumspect we wish to be about third-party resources.

On 24 May 2013 22:06, Kelcey Jamison Damage <> wrote:

I can't imagine this has anything to do with the quality of work at this point but is primarily a political discussion.

Yes, I believe we are talking about the general case here. (Note: not "political" but "project".)

I do think the fact I hammered into Packt the value of being a friend of the community and following our rules, and product usage guidelines resulted in an offer to donate 2% of revenue to the project, is another strong gesture of positivity.

Agreed. Similarly, when people donate to us, they get a mention on ‹ but nothing more. We never endorse people in return for their contributions.

A lot of time and effort went into this book from a community perspective and not a commercial one. Yes someone is making money, but at least Packt reached out and got committers and community members to co-write/advise/edit the book prior to publication, and then after publication reached back out to the community. Those action have impressed me greatly.

I don't think anyone has any problem with people making money off the back of CloudStack. Strikes me as a great thing!

I am not sure how assisting the community in locating print materials is bad for us in any way.

The arguments have been covered a few times in this thread already.