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Subject:Re: Brisbane Installation Festival
From:James Beake (
Date:Nov 9, 2011 10:33:28 am

Well coincidentally...

Yesterday we got confirmation from BCC Library that we have a room booking for Saturday 7th Jan 2012 for the whole day. It can accomodate 50 people

Here are some pics I took if you are interested. Community Room Brisbane Square.<>

So yeah, bring on the Install fest!

cheers James

On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Joel Addison <> wrote:

Hi Chris,

The logo can be found on the wiki, along with the other options that were considered at the time.

I am not sure who created it, but we could probably find it by looking back through the meetings logs. There is an svg of the logo, so you can scale it nicely if you need to.

Hope that helps, Joel

On 09/11/2011, at 7:13 PM, Chris Robinson <> wrote:

I agree, the library is sounding good.

I've now got a multiboot USB set up with a range of releases, LTS 32 bit, 11.10 Ubuntu and Lubuntu etc. I've done a splash screen for the grub on it using the Ubuntu AU loco logo with "Ubuntu AU Loco Team" on the bottom left. I got the logo off the Website and worked it into a 1024x768 background.

I think I need to credit the original work and add the license etc for it to the multiboot USB if it's for general use. I looked on the website but could find no information about the originator of the Ubuntu AU logo. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I'll post the background and the license somewhere accessible when it's ready.


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Hi guys

I think the library option is probably a good way to go - much more economical, though they shouldn't charge us anything as it's a community event and we're not charging anyone anything.

I called the Brisbane Square library a few days after the release party and asked them about it - they couldn't confirm available dates in January then, but I'm sure that they could now. My vote is holding it at Brisbane Square, if we can't secure funding for The Edge - it's central and close to public transport (but might not be so convenient for those with cars... though it is a nice walk over Victoria Bridge!).

Anyway, I'm happy to chip in with organisation, promotion and cup cakes, and Vadim will be there to help with the technical stuff on the day.

We should probably lock something in sooner rather than later, though. I had the impression that these things fill up quickly, particularly in the school holidays. A lot of workplaces are closed for the first week of January (including mine) so holding it on a weekday wouldn't be a problem for us. Weekends might draw more people, though.


On 31 October 2011 18:13, Jared Norris <> wrote:

On 31 October 2011 18:04, Chris Robinson <> wrote:

A category 1 meeting room would seem to fit the bill nicely, and the costs are quite reasonable - we could cover that with just a chook raffle (just kidding). I note that it says laptop connectivity, but it doesn't actually say internet connection.

It seems to suggest you can do it for free if you're a community organisation and not charging money for the event. Unless I'm reading it wrong. Either way, the whole day costs less than an hour at The Edge so I'd be willing to stump up the lot if need be.

Regarding planning and funding: Plan the cart you would like to push out to start with, then see if any horses come along. As far as manpower is concerned, there's no problem here - I will be there.

Good to hear! I'm hoping if we can lock in a date and time it will help others decide if they can be there or not as well.

I've got a script that I just wrote to make updating a new installation a little more painless. You do the new install from the "try ubuntu" boot and with no internet connection (so the install only takes about 15 minutes) and when you run the script it puts all the current .deb files into the correct directory on the target. When the system is then logged in and updated it only has to download the software lists and update the cache - all the updates are already there. If the target directory has not been created by ubiquity the script waits until it is. As an extra benefit it works with any release, based on the major kernel version, you just need to have the .deb files for any release that you want to update. (and of course I have a creation tool for the archives as well.)

I've also been working on keeping a full ubuntu repository sitting on my USB hard drive. It should make needing internet not required for 99% of the installations. I also have a Telstra home network gateway (that is essentially a 4 port wireless broadband switch) for any weird ones that pop up.

I'm happy to have some meetings regarding this, is an IRC meeting


IRC, wiki, mailing list. Anything sounds good to me. I would definitely like a mock run through a week or two prior (even if it's my place) to reduce technical issues on the day.

Lets see if we can't make this happen.