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Chad R. LarsonOct 20, 1997 6:47 pm 
James A. MutterOct 20, 1997 8:29 pm 
Murray StokelyOct 20, 1997 10:15 pm 
Michael L. VanLoon -- HeadCandy.comOct 21, 1997 1:55 am 
Subject:Re: Win95 file system
From:James A. Mutter (
Date:Oct 20, 1997 8:29:42 pm

If I build a dual-boot system (Win95 and FreeBSD), will I be able to manipulate the Messy-DOS partition from within FreeBSD? That is, does the "msdos" filesystem type support long file names and extended attributes?


Chad, a couple of things here.

Just to be nitpicky - the MSDOS filesystem does not support long file names, thats the VFAT file system. Linux has support for VFAT, I'm not too sure about FreeBSD.

The attributes from the non-FreeBSD side ( MSDOS or VFAT ) will not be preserved, at least I don't think they will. :/