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Subject:Re: How to display PDF data in android?
From:Nanard (
Date:Mar 3, 2008 1:44:23 am

It works...

Well you will have to comment some lines !

And even if it works, it is really slow (I am testing on a 11 pages PFD of 450Ko). I am commenting more and more lines (font processing, graph/line/ rectangles, color,...) after each comment : I check if it's still working.

I takes several weeks !

Also when I extract text, I got the text at the end of pages, the copyright stuff, etc... which is useless (and I don't want). I don't know how to extract **only** the page content.

On 28 fév, 09:44, kal <> wrote:

So I used a WS that use PDFBox...but with MD5, the ws call doesn't work!!!!

Now I'll try the pdfbox directly....


On 6 Feb, 12:18, Nanard <> wrote:

I have successfully extract text formPDFfiles (are you doing the same application as I do :-) ?

You have to comment (keep method, only comment lines in it)  : - all font stuff. - change property file : don't use properties, but create in code the Resources with all data which are in property file

Later, once you have successuly extracted your text, you can optimize and comment more and more code (because PDFBox and FontBox are quite big/slow !)

On 6 fév, 11:42, kal <> wrote:

Thanks to both!

Effectively, then PDFBox could be my best solution...I need only the contents and not the other stuff..

Thanks  a lot Kal

On Feb 5, 3:20 pm, Nanard <> wrote:

It depends of what you want to do. If you don't care about pictures, display, font,... but care only for PDFtext contents : with PDFBox inAndroid, you can read/extractPDFtext...

On 5 fév, 13:57, baldmountain <> wrote:

It's not a supported data type. From what I can tell there isn't a way to display PDFs onAndroid. There also isn't enough of the Java API to easily port something like PDFBox.- Hide quoted text -

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