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Subject:[openstack-dev] Important CLA changes coming in 12 days
From:Jeremy Stanley (
Date:Feb 12, 2013 12:51:31 pm

This is a reminder for newcomers and others who may have missed previous announcements. Starting on February 24, 2013 all contributors MUST review and agree to the new OpenStack Individual Contributor License Agreement and provide updated contact information at...

On that day the Gerrit interface will be changing to present the new CLA text referring to the OpenStack Foundation, and will prompt you to agree to it there. Any previous agreement with OpenStack LLC will be marked expired at that time. The text of the new agreement is available here for your convenience (really just changes "LLC" to "Foundation" and corrects a few typographical errors)...

Another announcement will be sent to the list and the wiki documentation for the new (and significantly simplified) CLA signing process will be updated the same day. Any attempts to push changes for review on or after that date without first completing the new process will be automatically rejected with an error message indicating your lack of a current CLA signature and/or contact information on file.

You must also sign up for an OpenStack Foundation Individual Membership with the same E-mail address as used for your Gerrit contact information--otherwise Gerrit will present you with an error message prompting you to do so when you attempt to submit your updated contributor contact information. For those who have not already joined and wish to get started on that part, the OpenStack Foundation Individual Member Application is available for completion at...

As always, feel free to follow up to this announcement or find us in #openstack-infra on freenode if you have any questions.