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Subject:Re: Import Bushel into Ivy
From:Nicolas Lalevée (
Date:Oct 22, 2010 7:04:54 am

Since there is no objection, I have started to prepare the import.

I have prepared the code to be imported and attached it here:

The code is just a zip of the svn branch here:

When I was preparing the code, I have found files which are EPL licensed [1].
These files were imported from Eclipse cvs tree. They help implement the OSGi
specification. I have read carefully the Apache documentation about EPL compatibility with the
ASL [2]: * these .profile files are easily editable, not binary * they related to the OSGi specification, but they are not enforced by the
specification, it is only an implementation "helper". So my conclusion is that they are not well suited for Apache inclusion. So I
just removed them. I'll see in the Apache Felix community is they have such
similar files. If you think I am wrong, I will be happy to reinclude them after the import.

So now I need to fill the software grant and ask the two other Bushel committers
to do so too. And I would need somebody who has enough karma to help doing all the stuff about
the Incubator's IP Clearance. Any volunteer ?

thanks in advance, Nicolas

[1] [2]

Hi all,

I would like to import the code of Bushel [1] into Ivy core.

On the technical part. Bushel implement some special Ivy resolver and version matching which understand
the different kind of OSGi dependency, and also understand the repository
descriptor OBR (OSGi Bundle Repository). So the import will make those resolver
part of Ivy core.

On the legal part. The code has been developed under the ASL2 license and by only three
developpers: Alex Radeski, Jérôme Benois and me. I have contacted the two
others, they are joining me in this request and are willing to sign any software
grant paper necessary. As the code will be imported into Ivy, the "Bushel" name will then disappear.
Ivy will then support some OSGi feature.

Deeper in the technical part. As I explained here [2], Ivy cannot fulfill entirely the OSGi resolve
specification. But I have managed to make resolve work and I think it can fill
some requirement like making some transition from a ivy/maven based resolution
mechanism to a pure OSGi based one. Or the reverse. With that respect, we
shouldn't lure Ivy users to say that Ivy support OSGi and I suggest that we
would flag at first it as "experimental". As users would start to try it, we
will see real world case appear, and then we would then advise of its real
state. This might sound quite pessimistic, but I find this feature exiting enough to
bring it into Ivy core.


[1] [2]