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Subject:[btm-dev] Re: Support per connection transaction affinity (BTM-35)
From:Brett Wooldridge (
Date:Jan 8, 2010 3:02:47 am

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ludovic. I hope your confidence isn't shaken by my two failed attempts. &-(

I made the mistake of thinking it was a simpler problem than it is. I'm going to sit back, think about it, and study the code.

As I said in a private email, before this list was created, we may need some sort of reference counting on the connections. Maybe. Again, I need to understand the code better before I have the nerve to take another run at this feature.

I'll post further thoughts and questions as they come up.

Ludovic, thanks for creating this list, and thanks for BTM!


Ludovic Orban wrote:


Thanks to Brett who recently joined the BTM dev team as an official committer we now have support for JDBC 4, JDK 1.6 builds while 1.4 runtime compatibility still is maintained, some performance optimizations and a completely reworked (and much better!) prepared statement cache.

The last serious chuck of work before we can consider publishing BTM 2.0-RC1 is BTM-35 which has originally been requested by Mike and refined by James.

We currently have two failed attempts at implementing this feature that we had to rollback. It apparently isn't as easy as we first expected.

I'd be glad if we could discuss the failed attempts here and brainstorm to find The Proper Way (tm) to get that job done.

Thanks to all, Ludovic