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Subject:[ninject] Re: Ninject.Moq
From:Miguel Madero (
Date:Sep 6, 2009 3:58:12 am

I just realized that Mock can do this using Mock.Get that I can use on the mocked objects to obtain back the mock.

I started using Ninject.Moq for an MVC app, but I just got stuck when trying to setup the Mock. All the mocked objects get injected as dependencies, it works great, but then I need to setup the mocks so they actually do something and I can't get back from the mocked object to the mock.

Anyone has use this?

On Sep 3, 5:01 pm, Assaf Stone <> wrote:


Does anybody here use Ninject.Moq ( ninject.moq/tree/master)?

Does anybody have an example of usage?

Thanks, Assaf.