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Ronald KlopMar 29, 2000 2:47 pm 
Doug BartonMar 29, 2000 4:48 pm 
Subject:Large Disk Access Mode
From:Ronald Klop (
Date:Mar 29, 2000 2:47:12 pm


In my BIOS is an option "Large Disk Access Mode" with as values "DOS" and "other". The help states that if you're using DOS you should select "DOS" and if you're using UNIX, Novell, etc. you should use "Other". This changes the representation of the drive geometry of the BIOS. I want to make a dualboot machine, with win95 and FreeBSD 4.0. Which option should I select?

Do I have to set this to "DOS", because FreeBSD doesn't look at BIOS geometries?

Please answer by CC: also.



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