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Subject:[Openstack] git-based jenkins jobs and pre-approval check jobs
From:Monty Taylor (
Date:May 25, 2012 12:58:26 pm

Hey guys!

We just finished rolling out the first in a sequence of upcoming changes to gerrit and jenkins based on needs described at the design summit.

We now have the basic jobs for all of the projects (except for horizon, because it's slightly different and I want to spend a little more time with it) applied to jenkins based on some scripts and some yaml files that are in a git repo. This means that anybody could conceivably do some hacking and submit a change to gerrit, instead of the current status quo which is that you have to be a jenkins admin to touch anything.

If you want to look at it, it's all in this dir:

Additionally, it's grouped/templated, so we've actually got identical jenkins jobs running for all of the projects... which means we can hopefully stop running in to the whole "oops, I forgot to update the glance jobs" situation.

But wait, that's not all ...

By popular demand, as part of rolling out those jobs, we have added pre-approval check jobs. We are now running merge checks, pep8 checks and unittest jobs on the patch-uploaded event and reporting the results into the code review so that people can skip code reviewing patches that don't work yet. We're also still running tests post-approval so that we ensure the patch as it is to be merged is still good.

We have several more great bits that will be rolling out in the next week or two, in the attempt to streamline the set of things that need review, and also speed up the testing of reviewed things.

Happy hacking