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Subject:Re: [ubuntu-uk] "Space" error
From:Alan Pope (
Date:Apr 23, 2007 1:53:58 am

On Mon, Apr 23, 2007 at 09:02:44AM +0100, Sean Miller wrote:

Is the solution, then, to simply say that we'll use the command line?

No. Not in my opinion, not yet anyway.

So the tool has an issue and the Ubuntu community have no way of sorting it? That is not the way I normally work...

Define "the ubuntu community". Your question, posted mid-thread on a uk-only mailing list with less than 20 active participants doesn't constitute the whole Ubuntu community IMO.

There are numerous ways to get support for your problem. Posting to this list is one - although personally I don't think support questions should be on this list - hey ho.

Other options to gain a higher number of brain cells looking at your problem include using the support tracker:- , irc - #ubuntu on freenode IRC, the ubuntu-users mailing list, reporting a bug, the forums.. and so on.

I shall then, presumably, be sorted... but the thousands of folks who get the same error who are not on this list will be no further forward and will simply switch to a different distro.

Hardly good for Ubuntu, is it?

Not so fast cowboy.

We haven't even figured out what the problem is yet, so before diving into the command line and typing random commands, lets figure out what the issue actually is :)

I suspect that the problem is mostly likely that it wants 200 odd Meg *more* than you currently have, not 200M. 200M for an upgrade from release to release is an unrealistically small number. It's more likely to be much higher than that. The number gets higher the more software packages you have installed that need upgrading.

Have you cleaned out your apt cache recently?

On the command line type this:-

df -h # see how much free space there is du -hs /var/cache/apt # see how much used by the apt cache sudo apt-get clean # clear the apt cache df -h # see how much free space there is now

Does the amount of space change?

Cheers, Al.