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Subject:Re: "one file" Gtk2::GladeXML example
From:Chas Owens (
Date:Oct 14, 2003 9:44:26 am
test_glade-0.5.tgz - 48k


tar xvfz test_glade-0.5.tgz cd test_glade-0.5 make ./test_glade

NB: This time you will only need Inline::Files (no C compiler needed)

FEATURES: inline images via xpm imbedded in the glade file inline images via jpg, png, gif, etc catted on the end (see Makefile) * custom Gtk2::SimpleList widget creation custom widget creation via Perl code embedded in the glade file ** multiple inline files

TODO: remove Inline::Files requirement add more traditional glade code ( multiple domains widget creation without a top-level window ) make it OO

* new ** Much for code added to the example. It is now a button you click to open a new window with the source code in it.