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Subject:RE: [courier-users] Virtual domains and Maildir permissions
From:Raven (
Date:Aug 19, 2004 6:41:01 am

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 14:43, Bowie Bailey wrote:

It all depends on your configuration. The directory referenced by "Mail" is the users maildir. It defaults to "$HOME/Maildir".

If you created the directories like this:

cd /home/maildirs/ maildirmake user

then "user" is your maildir and both "Home" and "Mail" should point to it.

If, on the other hand, "user" is a standard directory and you created the maildir like this:

cd /home/maildirs/ maildirmake Maildir

then "Home" is the user directory and "Mail" is the Maildir directory.

This is how I currently have my directories set up, with "user" as a standard directory. I've never seen "user" defined as a maildir, though I could imagine it.

In either case, you must make the maildir with the "maildirmake" command. And you must be logged in as the owner of the maildir when you do it.

There's just one catch - I *can't* log on to the owner of the maildir, since the owner is a virtual user and doesn't exist in passwd, only in userdb. (the owner would be of the form "", which all the passwd manipulation programs reject). I've been su'ing to courier to create the maildirs - or should I create a user in passwd called "user1", and user that for a given "", "", "", and so on - using the user "user1" as my logon when I create the maildirs? (yes, I'm going to go try this...)

I find that the second setup is the simplest since it conforms to Courier's expected directory setup and you don't have to worry about setting "Mail" explicitly for each user.

I would agree with that assertion.

Thanks again for your patience and help,