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Jürgen SchmidtJun 18, 2014 3:44 am 
Subject:[EXTENSION][DEV]: updated OpenOffice NetBeans API plugin
From:Jürgen Schmidt (
Date:Jun 18, 2014 3:44:52 am


I have updated the OpenOffice NetBeans API plugin to make it working with NetBeans 8 and AOO 4.1.

A reworked plugin for testing can be found under [1]. The used preprocessor ucpp has problems with paths containing spaces (Windows only). This issue is solved already on trunk and will be fixed in the AOO 4.1.1 SDK as well. In the meantime a patched idlc for Windows (calls the ucpp) can be found under [2]. Just copy this patched idlc in your SDK.

[1] [2]

A further useful information is that the 'jar' target have changed a bit and existing projects created with the old plugin need a minimal change as well to work with NB 8.

in the build-uno-impl.xml build script the jar target (line 162) should be changed to

<target name="jar" depends="-uno-project-init,uno-idl-compile,-jar-idl-types,compile,-pre-jar,-do-jar-jar,-do-openoffice-manifest,-post-jar"> <jar basedir="${build.classes.dir}" compress="true" filesonly="true" manifest="${build.dir}/MANIFEST.MF" jarfile="${dist.jar}" excludes="**/*.xml,*/*.txt,${idl.file.list},${build.classes.excludes}"/> </target>

Feedback are welcome